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First step to living a better life? Non -Negotiables.

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Hey there, beautiful soul! Ever heard about non-negotiables? Well, I'm on that buzz train and trust me, you should be too.

Let's cut to the chase. I spent years chasing someone else's idea of success—financial milestones, hustle culture, the whole 'have it all' mantra. But guess what? It left me feeling empty. It wasn't until life threw me a curveball that I realized I needed a reset. My first steps to a better life - Non Negotiables.

Picture this: I'm sick, burnt out, alone, listening to my body, no distractions. It hit me—those markers I'd been chasing were all in my head. Self-imposed expectations that did more harm than good.

So, here's the deal,: you don't need a wake-up call like mine. Ask yourself a few questions: What truly brings you joy? Are your priorities aligned with your real self? What's essential for your well-being and happiness?

Now, onto the good stuff—celebrating small wins. Every tiny step counts. It's a reminder that you're making progress. And guess what? That positivity radiates in unexpected ways, especially in your relationships. When you're happy, those around you feel it too.

Flexibility is key. Non-negotiables aren't set in stone. Life's dynamic, and so are you. Adapt, evolve, and keep that commitment to joy intact, no matter what life throws your way.

This journey? It's ongoing. No final destination—just a celebration of your unique strength and resilience. Shift your mindset. These changes aren't sacrifices; they're your personal path to joy and fulfillment. Be grateful for them. You've got this, and you're worth every positive change.

So, beautiful soul, here's to embracing your joy, crafting a life true to you, and realizing that success isn't about external markers—it's the glow of fulfillment that radiates from within. Cheers to your journey!

The Selfish Coach xo


PS: My daily non-negotiables at the minute are:

  • Walking daily in nature

  • Working out - intensity is irrelevant, showing up is what matters.

  • Sea Swims - the benefits of sea swims are endless. Something about being engulfed by the big bad ocean, making me feel so small and isolated.. and humble. Forcing your brain to give in and work in cooperation with your body to keep yourself afloat while respecting the beast that is the ocean creates a new kind of fearless in me each morning. I would highly recommend it!


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